Construction Management: Are We Ready for the New Normal?

Construction Management

Construction management follows the same basic processes as any project management endeavor. Even experienced project managers can make bad decisions, but one thing successful construction management teams have in common is the ability to respond quickly to challenges.

Construction Management Strategies for the New Normal

This year has certainly thrown us a few curveballs. But we’ve been quick to recover from what could have been a devastating economic disaster for the construction industry.

Here are three strategies construction management professionals are using to salvage this year and set the stage for growth in 2021:

1. Become Data-Driven

Projects never finish late or go over budget;
we’re just bad at predicting how much they should cost and
how long they should take…
– The State of AI-Based Construction Finance

AI (artificial intelligence) and automated processes will make decision-making more accurate. You hear the term “knowledge-based decisions” too often, but automation software is driving construction management estimates:

  • Bidding
  • Cashflow
  • Completion cost
  • Forecasting
  • Pricing
  • Time-to-complete

2. Cut Costs

Easy to say; difficult to do. Look for ways to cut hard costs or at the very least, avoid “sticker shock” by properly budgeting:

  • Equipment – Is purchasing used or renting an option?
  • Labor
  • Landscaping
  • Materials
  • Utilities

3. Smaller Crews, Unconventional Shifts

Conventional shiftwork and all-hands-on-deck is not the way we work for now. Use smaller work teams and incorporate unconventional, rotational shifts into the project site.

Data-Driven Strategic Planning for Construction Leads

Successful construction managers are always looking ahead to the next job. You don’t have to be a marketing maven to know that data is driving our industry.

Construction Monitor provides customized, pre-sorted data that will make “knowledge-based” decisions even more powerful. More accurate. And during times of uncertainty, companies that stay strong and thrive are the ones that use the right information tools.

There’s more than one way to manage the new normal and there’s more than one way to contact Construction Monitor. Email, call, or click to connect with us today.

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