Which Businesses Can Benefit From Building Permits?

building permits

At Construction Monitor, we collect information from building permits issued throughout the country. We then analyze and compile that information to provide our clients with useful data that they can use to make smarter marketing decisions. Our clients can see which contractors claim the most business in a certain area. They can see which neighborhoods have the most homeowners applying for permits, and so much more.

One question we sometimes get is what companies can benefit from the building permit data we compile. We would argue that any company in the construction industry can benefit. But in particular, there are a few types of businesses that should make this sort of permit analysis a priority.

New Construction Businesses

If you are opening a new construction business, accessing the building permit data compiled by Construction Monitor can help you make smarter choices from the beginning. You can see what areas the most work is being done in and choose to locate your office in that area. You can also see which niche may bring you the most success in your chosen locale.

Businesses Looking to Grow

If you want to expand your business into a new area, data from business permits can help you decide which area to focus on. If there were only 10 new permits a month issued in City 1, but 100 per month in City 2, then City 2 is your best bet for expansion.

Businesses Looking to Diversify

Are you wondering whether you’re better off adding plumbing, electrical services, or sewer services to your roster? Permit data can help you see which service will bring in the most profit.

Marketing Firms With a Focus on Construction

Any marketing firm that works with construction companies and contractors needs to rely on permit data. This will help them determine who their target market is and where to focus their advertising.

Building permit data can be incredibly informative for most any business in the construction industry. Contact Construction Monitor to learn more about our services and statistics. 

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