Construction Industry Employers and Coronavirus-Related Sick Leave

Coronavirus-Related Sick Leave

If you were a bit bitter about paid days off for an employee that refused to wear a mask, laughed at social distancing, and traveled during the pandemic (then caught COVID-19), you’re not alone.

Paid coronavirus-related sick leaves were required by the federal government. While other programs (state unemployment, federal PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) were managed by government entities, the pandemic-related sick leaves fell on employers’ shoulders.

How Construction Industry Employers Can Make a Coronavirus Comeback

Through December 30, 2020, construction industry employers paid:

  • Up to two weeks/80 hours paid sick leave at an employee’s regular pay if the employee must quarantine (under government order or medical advice) or is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and actively seeking a diagnosis. Employees were entitled to a maximum of $511 per day and $5,110 over the two-week period.
  • Up to two weeks/80 hours – and later, an additional 10 weeks – paid family/medical sick leave at two-thirds the employee’s regular pay if the employee must take care of someone under a quarantine order or a child whose school/childcare closed because of the pandemic.

The way to recoup these losses is to keep accurate and detailed records. And hang on, because tax relief will be there. Leveraging workforce management tools (yes, that means software programs) makes record-keeping much easier.

Instead of operating in damage-control mode, switch to aggressively seeking more business. Creating new sales channels is one way to recover from 2020. Another way is to actively pursue all leads, says Dexcom:

With so much uncertainty and caution due to the virus, it may seem reasonable to abandon any leads you were working on prior to the pandemic. …continue to nurture them. Put even more energy into capturing these leads.

Business Development Leads for Your Construction Industry Business

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