Construction Industry Trends: Health, Safety, Money, and More

Construction Industry Trends

Last year was interesting, to put it mildly. But 2021 is shaping up to be a different kind of interesting. Here are some construction industry trends that will very likely affect your business this year.

5 Post-Pandemic Construction Industry Trends That Will Impact Your Business

  1. Air handling – Is Covid-19 an airborne virus? It doesn’t matter; almost every project will involve designing/installing better air management solutions. You’ll be required to learn more about dedicated outdoor and on-demand air systems, says construction legal professional Jeffrey Kozek.
  2. Going green – If, in your blogs and marketing materials, you can say you’re “LEED-certified,” you’ve got a leg up on your competition. Green construction focuses on environmental and human health, a trend that will be even more significant this year.
  3. Money matters – Supply chain delays, materials shortages and pricing, and other pandemic-related financial issues, will lead to more payment disputes this year. Contractors and owners will be doing damage control because of bankruptcies and interrupted projects from last year.
  4. More modular – Offsite assembly reduces workforce exposure and increases safety. Expect prefabricated construction processes to increase and continue to improve quality control.
  5. Pandemic protection – On-the-job distancing, staggering shifts, and PPE (personal protection equipment) will continue to impact your budget and timeline. Kozek says ignoring these safety precautions could lead to fines, shutdowns, or lawsuits.

Challenges Don’t Have To Be Complicated

One of our construction industry trends that is (and should be) history was our tendency to conclude business expectations with a handshake. Back when the pandemic was new, Construction Monitor advised its clients to make a more concerted effort to “get it in writing” to avoid complications. That’s our “legal” advice for 2021 and beyond.

Construction Monitor takes the complexity out of construction data for thousands of construction industry companies like yours. The basic information is easy: building permit applications. Making that information work for you to generate more business and make knowledgeable decisions is complicated. But that’s what we do.

Contact us to learn how building permit information can reveal construction industry trends in your state, county, city, or town.

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