Protecting Construction Industry Workers (And Your Business)

Construction Industry Workers

Okay, let’s be cynical for a moment: Statistically, construction workers are among those least likely to get coronavirus vaccinations. Many of our teams grumble about social distancing and other safety measures. And then, when an employee contracts COVID-19 on the job, it could follow with a lawsuit or an OSHA violation citation.

No whining. Just work it. Coronavirus variants indicate the pandemic may be around longer than we thought.

Construction Industry On-The-Job Safety Includes Reducing Coronavirus Exposure

There may not be many – because they’re not easy to prove – but personal injury lawsuits are one challenge construction industry owners will face this year. First, it’s difficult to prove you contracted COVID-19 at a jobsite. The incubation period is between 2-14 days. How can anyone claim it’s work-related?

They may claim jobsite-related exposure if a co-worker has a confirmed case of COVID-19 or if their job involves ongoing contact with the public.

Prevention is the best cure. If you’re OSHA-compliant, you should be protected from these lawsuits.

Limit Exposure; Protect Employees

“Contractors should aim to use the most effective control possible given the particulars of the job task or environment,” says attorney Stefan Borovina. These can include:

  • Enhanced ventilation
  • Posted hygiene instructions
  • PPE (protective personal equipment) and masks
  • Social distancing
  • Staggered shifts

Possible exposures should be disclosed without revealing the identity of any workers.

Document and Communicate Policies

No employee should be able to say he or she didn’t know about certain procedures or policies within your construction industry company. Not only should policies be included in employee onboarding, but they should also be posted at the jobsite.

Our Tools Keep Your Company Healthy

We recommend you refer to our construction industry safety checklist and appoint a health-and-safety supervisor for each project. If you want to develop more leads and structure better bids, we recommend you take advantage of our construction industry data analyses. The information is presorted for your business.

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