How We Can Build Schools To Accommodate Change

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After 2020, some believe classroom learning is a thing of the past. For teachers and students struggling to adapt to virtual learning and online classrooms, returning to school was a relief. But we’re now realizing the structural design of our schools isn’t working the way it once did. We need to change the way we build schools.

Rethinking Ways To Build Schools

“Emerging solutions place an escalating priority on open learning spaces that are flexible and adaptable,” says New Millennium Building Systems.

“Steel joists combined with long-span steel deck systems, including roof deck and composite floor deck, are an ideal solution. This type of structural steel framing system provides long-lasting service and efficacy while enabling wide-open, visually appealing learning spaces.”
Smarter School Design and Construction

Our need to build schools differently is a necessity more than a trend. The pandemic created a need for open spaces and student distancing. But technology continues to impact how we teach and learn. The design concepts require more than installing sliding doors to make rooms smaller or larger.

  • Floors – Long-span floors maximize vertical space. Thinner flooring systems can maximize floor-to-ceiling space and enlarge the structural bay.
  • Roofs – Longer spanning; dovetail and deep-ribbed steel roof decks support open floor plans without support beams and columns.

School Construction News says in-person learning has too many advantages to discontinue. A hybrid classroom needs to be designed to accommodate hybrid learning – in-person and virtual. Possibly the most important change contractors will see are HVAC modifications and/or replacements. UV lighting that can kill the spread of bacteria is also up for consideration.

Learn More: Commercial Building Statistics

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  1. Since our company also offers stainless steel solutions for school construction, we do recommend hybrid classroom since virtual learning alone will not be helpful for the students. Also, the open spaces are to be increased hence the school construction designs are to be changed.

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