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You’ve received a Notice to Proceed. That means your project bid was accepted. Now what? Pype, Inc.* is a software-as-a-service provider and says Autodesk® is your construction business foundation for starting a new project.

5 Steps To Kickoff Construction Business Projects

You are excited and maybe a little bit nervous. Well, your client feels the same. Your first response to the Notice to Proceed can set the tone for your working relationship, start to finish. The client wants reassurance you were the right choice. And you want to quickly earn your client’s trust.

The eBook Strong Foundations outlines five steps you can follow for smoother project flow:

1. The Preconstruction Meeting

Schedule your preconstruction meeting for 1-2 days after receipt of the Notice to Proceed. This is your first step in managing expectations and defining project goals. If possible, give everyone a copy of the agenda. Then introduce everybody and mention key players that are absent.

2. Submittal Schedule

The submittals are your information documents for architects and design professionals. “Every piece of equipment, material types…details such as the exact color of paint need to be reviewed and approved via submittals,” says

3. Submittal Log

The submittal log is even more detailed than the submittal schedule and is an ongoing reference throughout the project lifecycle. It includes inspections and tests, QA/QC requirements, and more. Example columns are:

  • Notified subcontractor
  • Subcontractor response
  • Approved by GC
  • Submitted to design team
  • Returned:
    • Approved
    • Rejected
    • Revised

4. Submittal Review

Traditional spreadsheet submittals were breeding grounds for human error. Automation has made this process easier and more accurate. As soon as you develop submittals, move them on to the design team. Prioritize according to timelines or urgency.

5. Risk Mitigation

Best practices can prevent mistakes and minimize reworks. But risk mitigation software uses “cutting-edge algorithms” to scan specs and submittal requirements quickly. Based on industry best practices, the software can reveal missing pieces and unmet requirements.

Software That Creates Construction Business

Construction Monitor endorses all software applications that improve construction business quality and increase profits. Our company was one of the first to share software data based on building permits. We knew then – and we know now – the data analytics we generate can win bids and generate leads for your construction business.

Ask us how; we’re still excited about what our business can do for your construction business.
*Construction Monitor does not recommend nor endorse any Brand of construction business software (except our own).

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