Construction Technology for Risk Management

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You know employee safety is a priority. You assume safety programs and practices are going to be an expense one way or the other; time or money. And you’re okay with that. But did you ever think construction technology for safety might give you a competitive advantage?

Another current business priority is attracting and retaining employees. A construction company with a safety-first culture will represent the kind of environment skilled workers will choose.

Identifying Most Relevant Construction Technologies

Mike Perozek is a safety technology* professional. He says businesses in the construction industry have common goals. Most of our goals include:

  • Acquiring remote jobsite monitoring
  • Creating a safety culture
  • Developing easy-to-access safety performance indicators for stakeholders
  • Improving OSHA compliance
  • Improving safety awareness
  • Saving time on jobsite inspections

Technology additions and upgrades are going to require a budget, training, and management support. “The most successful technology initiatives put the business goals and people at the center; not the technology,” says Perozek.

How the Software Can Help

Managing site safety has always been challenging. Here is some construction technology you may be able to use this year:

  • Fatigue – Some apps can analyze a worker’s posture and bearing to determine if the employee is overly fatigued.
  • Hard hats can include carbon monoxide sensors.
  • Inspection recording – Gives the project team (and inspectors) fast, easy access to project information. The software can monitor and ensure your teams are adhering to safety guidelines.
  • Lone worker apps are designed to protect employees and pinpoint locations in an emergency.
  • Mobile-friendly software should make it easier to access information anytime, from anywhere.
  • Shared collection data – This software gathers data, analyzes it, and shares information that can protect workers.
  • Wearables – PPEs can be fitted with computers, GPS, sensors.

The Best Construction Business Software

Be sure to refer to 9 Questions to Ask When Seeking Construction Software. It can help you evaluate software programs and (hopefully) get the most value at the best price.

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*Construction Monitor does not recommend nor endorse any brand of construction business software (except our own).

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