Your Construction Business: Building Your Own Talent Pool

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The time to address the labor shortage issues impacting your construction business was yesterday. But’s it’s never too late.

We say on-the-job education and training are the advantages of a career in construction. But are you ready to put a plan in motion to train and develop construction business professionals for your company?

Preparing Your Construction Business for Attitude Adjustment

“If you train them, they will stay.” This isn’t necessarily true if your work environment isn’t more employee-retention oriented. Business reporter Leslie Shaver says if you don’t develop a culture that encourages retention, you may be training employees for your competitors.

To cultivate this new culture, you need to focus on current company culture. Your employees should be aware that training for new technology is available to everyone; not just new hires. Training programs’ advantages are:

  • Commitment to training – Daily training is expensive and time-consuming. Management and staff must be 100% invested. Consider getting creative with work/shift schedules.
  • Reskilling/upskilling as a construction business imperative – But most of us don’t know how to do it.
  • Specialized skills gaps can be filled  – New and current employees can take this opportunity to develop critical construction business skills during your recruiting/retention program.
  • You and your management team already know who the “right” employees for training are – An employee that already has soft skills but has never demonstrated an interest in improving company processes or even personal development may not be the right candidate for training.
  • You can train to what your company needs most – The most in-demand skills are:
    • Automated equipment operation
    • Carpentry
    • Construction equipment operation
    • Electrical
    • Machining
    • Plumbing/pipefitting
    • Welding/soldering

Schedule regular reviews to evaluate the training program and its participants and consider outside help, says Shaver. You may want to invest in:

  • Developing trade school outreach strategies
  • Partnering with building products manufacturers
  • Skilled trades education at the high-school level
  • Working with organizations that specialize in skills development

Construction Monitor Marketing

We offer data analytics that can generate business for your company. Of course, our marketing professionals want to “sell” you our services but they also want to educate – train you – in the most productive use of our information.

We have the tools you need to develop your marketing strategy. Contact Construction Monitor to learn more.

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