New and Improved Construction Industry Bidding

construction industry bidding

If you google “construction bidding,” you’ll get more software hits than Heinz has pickles. And that’s okay. Software is leveling the playing field for construction’s small business owners that want to win profitable jobs by making the most cost-effective bids.

But if you’re a drywall contractor, do you really need to use the same software as an electrician? You’re factoring the cost of gypsum plaster and plasterboard with a high R-value to meet contract requirements for a building with 120 studio apartments.

Often, by the time the project needs drywall, it’s already behind-schedule and over-budget. No pressure.

Construction bidding has to be more precise because material costs are more expensive and unpredictable. Try factoring unpredictability into a math equation and you’ll see why software is your best friend.

Contractors’ Construction Industry Bidding Software

It’s frustrating – for all of us – when your basic bidding software is already obsolete. But these are complicated times, and you need to be able to affordably and profitably price complicated projects.

Software Advice rates 57 construction bidding management programs. In order of recommendation, the top 5 are:

  • CoConstruct
  • Pipeline Suite
  • B2W
  • BuilderTREND
  • Contractor Foreman

One of these software companies added a bid management feature that allows you to sort project bids by phases. They say it’s “one-of-a-kind and exclusive.” The word “revolutionary” also comes to mind.

Your construction bidding software can:

  • Bid project phases
  • Conceal various subcontractors’ quotes
  • Dashboard prior bids or bid phases
  • Have separate bid dates per bid submission
  • Include trade-specific wording
  • List separate project contacts for each bid package
  • Rebid faster

One company’s example was:

Let’s say you’re sending a Bid Invitation with special invitation verbiage for electrical subs and different verbiage for others. And you have some files that you only want some Bid Packages and subcontractors to see. And you’d also like to assign a project contact for each Bid Package…in a few weeks, you want to rebid the whole thing in one click and track the history…No problem.

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