11 Ways the Cloud Manages, Modernizes Construction Costs

construction costs

Operating costs are a fact of life for construction business owners. And just as we begin to embrace one technology for managing construction costs, another technology becomes more viable. Cloud capabilities for managing construction costs have many advantages.

  1. Application integration – You go one place for one piece of data but somewhere else for another piece of information. APIs (application program interfaces) pull it all together.
  2. Asset recovery – Automatic GPS tracking alerts you when equipment goes off-route or is stolen.
  3. Better bidding/budgeting – Cloud BIM (building information modeling) software integrates parts and materials data for more exact/accurate estimates.
  4. Data organization – Most of us have tons of data, all over the place. Using cloud management, you can sort, organize, timeline, and analyze data so your information is current and accurate.
  5. Digital communications – Project managers continue to print documents to take to the jobsite every day. And if the paperwork is misplaced, skilled employees are sent to the office for reprints. Not only will you better-manage time and resources, but you can also make data-driven decisions based on real-time information.
  6. Enhanced mobility – Of course your phone is a lifeline. But cloud services offer document and design storage, real-time collaboration across jobsites, and more.
  7. Materials tracking – Knowing exact inventories is a construction costs edge but even better is a service that predicts supply chain problems before they occur. You can order before competitors realize it’s too late.
  8. Pay-as-you-go – Autoscale your workload.
  9. Predictive maintenance – Cut down downtime by accurately monitoring machinery and equipment.
  10. Shorter project lifecycles – You’ll save time with cloud-based real-time information.
  11. Skilled worker time-tracking – Ensure your vital, skilled talent is maximizing time effectively, performing critical tasks.

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