Help Wanted: Construction Labor 2022

Construction Labor

The construction industry may be sailing into “the perfect storm” this year. A combination of factors may impact construction labor in 2022. Construction Dive says, “From a huge influx in public spending…vaccines…and continued social changes, here are the top trends impacting construction labor in 2022.”

Construction Labor Trends To Watch

We’re wooing high school seniors in an effort to flip negative perceptions about careers in skilled trades and construction work. This is not the kind of process that delivers immediate results. In addition to recruiting, cultural awareness will be key to every company’s ability to get and keep talent.

Attitude Adjustments Are Critical

Workers need to feel valued. It’s time to stop joking about it and become the flagship for a changed environment in-house. Otherwise, you’ll be good-old-boying and laughing all the way to bankruptcy.

Employees want steady, good-paying jobs. They also want respect, women and minority initiatives, and a culture that values them and their families. They want a career with a future. Construction labor will take lower-paying work closer to home. Maybe jobsite transportation is something to consider. Childcare and family day programs are in your future (and the future is now).

More Work, More Challenges, More Vaccination Confusion in 2022

The $550 billion earmarked for infrastructure improvements will call for even more workers, exacerbating the construction labor shortage. Wages may increase. Public projects will take priority and pay more, so private projects may drop off the radar.

There will be even more pressure for unvaccinated workers to get vaccinated. The confusion about regulations continues despite January 13’s Supreme Court ruling blocking the vaccine-or-test mandate for large employers. Construction managers “find themselves between a rock and a hard place as they try to facilitate the discussion between their workers,” said Construction Dive. Watch for public – and some private clients – to attempt enforcing their own vaccination requirements in 2022.

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