Construction Industry: Winning the 21st Century

Construction Industry

Construction industry contractors are ready to “hit the ground running” toward implementing the largest long-term investment in our country’s infrastructure in 100 years. But many construction professionals say it’s too soon to begin counting your money.

The historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will rebuild crumbling roads and bridges, replace lead pipes…and produce concrete results that change
people’s lives for the better. These results will create good-paying
union jobs, support domestic manufacturing and supply chains,
and position the United States to win the 21st century.

7 Ways the Infrastructure Bill Impacts the Construction Industry

Some of the notable takeaways from a recent report on the infrastructure bill for construction industry developers were cited:

  1. Climate change – Roads and bridges will need to be more flood-resistant.
  2. Dam projects – More than 15,000 dams are identified as high-hazard-potential structures. That means their failure could result in loss of life and property damage. Of those, about 2,000 are urgently deficient.
  3. High-risk haste – Companies may promote unprepared employees into supervisory roles as they attempt to onboard as many new hires as possible. Fears over safety will be compromised as companies rush to recruit and train employees.
  4. Rising costs – Material costs and increased pay for labor will put increased strain on project budgets.
  5. Safety programs – Distracted drivers are driving faster. Sixty percent of highway contractors reported cars crashed into their work zones in 2021. The spending package has provisions to improve road building and road worker safety.
  6. Skilled wages – Skilled workers will become increasingly more valuable with the infrastructure spending package.
  7. Technology – “Technology is only an enabler,” said inventor Jane Chen. We need to learn how to make do with fewer workers, and one way is to eliminate unnecessary and repetitive tasks. Companies will continue to be encouraged to upskill workers and empower new hires and veteran construction workers to adopt technology. “Technology is skilling jobs, not killing them,” says Leica Geosystems.

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