Leveraging Construction Lifecycle Data

Construction Lifecycle Data

Organizing and retaining projects’ construction lifecycle data has become increasingly complex. Autodesk says construction projects now involve more people, but that doesn’t necessarily mean more people on the payroll. It could mean more people in the loop.

By the time a typical construction project is complete,
up to 30 percent of data has been lost…

Different people use different software to capture project analytics. Architects have creative software. Engineers incorporate health and safety into design. And the project itself has yet another software application.

That’s where we’re losing it – literally. Construction lifecycle data is misplaced during handoffs. This is a major problem because retaining all information from the design/build phases is critical. The right software captures the entire project, start to finish, and makes handovers seamless and efficient.

What’s Included in Construction Lifecycle?

We need everyone involved in the project to be able to view the same data in real-time. Too many types of software used during handoffs mean we may be compromising information:

  • 2D drawings
  • 3D engineering data
  • Asset/equipment information
  • Daily logs
  • Financial data
  • Meeting minutes
  • Project documentation, reports, schedules
  • Requests for Information (RFIs)
  • Submittals

…and more.

Connectivity within our construction software applications is key. Construction projects using older software systems require the GC to organize the data and documentation. This is not only time-consuming, but it also puts the GC between the data and its original owner. “Connected construction” means data owners owner can access all information at every stage:

  1. Design
  2. Plan
  3. Build
  4. Operate

 …without requesting permission from the GC.

For a competitive edge, you need a reputation for time and money efficiency. You’d like to be known as the kind of project manager that is on top of everything. Construction project GCs/managers leveraging construction lifecycle data can put an end to lost-data transfers and runaround hassles.

If you haven’t checked into lifecycle construction software platforms, it’s an investment that can make your life easier.

Leveraging Construction Monitor Data

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