Managing Frustrations in Construction Management

Do you respond, or do you react to emotional challenges? Most of us say we manage our workplace issues much better than family-related problems. The “emotional baggage” we have in families sometimes weighs us down.

Like it or not, workplace relationships are very much like family relationships. If you’re a team lead construction management supervisor, how can you respond logically and avoid emotional reactions?

Causes, Effects of Construction Management Frustrations

Frustration is an emotional state of anger and annoyance that stems from the disparity between one’s expectations and the outcomes.John Mattone Global, Inc.

How you manage your frustrations with team members is a slippery slope. Some managers say frustration is a constant presence. They are also frustrated by being frustrated. Instinctive, emotional reactions to frustration can get in the way of goal-setting and good outcomes.

Frustration triggers include:

  • Career stagnancy; not enough advancement opportunities
  • Communication breakdowns
  • Inefficient processes and solutions
  • Lack of meaningful changes despite efforts to attain them 

When faced with adversity, yielding to your emotional reaction is the easy way out. It’s a way of avoiding logical management of a situation. Reacting means you have no control over yourself, so how can you be expected to control a problem’s outcome?

“Emotional control is one of the hallmarks of effective, intelligent leadership,” says the Mattone coaching blog. That doesn’t mean you should ignore or bury your emotions. Intelligent construction management includes the ability to understand your and team members’ emotions.

Negative emotions raise the team’s red flag (and stress levels). When you mindfully understand the implications of a negative response, you’ll quickly flip toward a positive and calculated response and action. Positive emotions can lead to better engagement and empowerment.

We’re human, and we experience frustrations. The way to avoid emotional reactions is to stop and think. Consider the implications of your words and actions and then manage them.

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