Updated Construction Industry Metrics That Matter

Construction Industry Metrics

This information originates from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data gathered from private and public construction industry sectors. It includes information from other sites.*

  • Architecture billings – The ABI (Architecture Billings Index) benchmark for increased billings is 50, and in March 2022, it rose to 58. Inquiries and design contracts rose to 63.9 and 60.5, respectively. The spike “may reflect a desire to beat the continued interest rate hikes…,” said Economist Kermit Baker.
  • Confidence – With 50 as the number reflecting growth, the sales, profit margins, and staffing levels declined but remained above 50.
  • Jobs – The labor shortage continues to challenge the construction industry. There were 396,000 construction jobs available in March, and the quit rate was 3.2%, twice as high as layoffs and discharges.
  • Spending – For the first quarter of 2022, construction spending was up 12%, driven by residential construction, which is up 18.6%.

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