The Value of Visual Data: Construction Industry Cameras

Construction Industry Cameras

When it comes to technology investments, if you’re a wait-and-see project manager, don’t wait too long. Your construction industry competitors are winning more bids because they are wowing project stakeholders with onsite technology like visual data equipment (construction cameras).

Are construction cameras worth it?

Visual data benefits like increased customer satisfaction and employee safety are hard to measure. Senserra Systems® says one number you can use is this: Construction cameras can increase your probability of winning bids by 20%.

Time-lapse and streaming technology company OxBlue® cites:

  • 80% fewer trips to project sites
  • Increased likelihood of early-completion bonuses
  • Reduced do-overs/reworks

The next generation of cameras is equipped with easier and faster reviewing as well as the ability to communicate changes in real-time. “AI proactively communicates when changes in activity, safety and project milestones,” says CEO Chandler McCormack. 

The Cost of Construction Industry Cameras

Safety and dispute resolution are high on the list of onsite cameras. Your record of construction activity provides greater accountability, something clients want. You can use them for vendor management and enhanced quality control. Still, these are benefits that are difficult to price. This is why project managers ask:

The expenses of next-generation cameras are verifiable but are they justifiable?

Costs include:

  • Cellular data
  • Data storage/cloud service
  • Electricity
  • Installation (electrical contractor)
  • Internet service
  • Purchase/rental
  • Setup/configuration (IT professional)

Questions Construction Industry Cameras Can Answer

The value of construction cameras is – for now – priceless. But the information your construction camera provides can generate measurable savings.

Visual data can answer questions like:

  • Are we on schedule?
  • Did materials arrive on time?
  • How many workers were in contact with the ill employee?
  • Was the weather that bad?
  • What happened before the accident?
  • When was the heavy equipment delivered?
  • Why was the project delayed?

Construction Monitor Premium Mapping

We don’t endorse any brand of construction industry technology. We can’t answer questions about construction business software. But our technology can answer questions your business development team may have. For example, Premium Mapping targets locations of interest to your business development.

With this feature, you can:

  • Add digital notes
  • Automatically count permit activity
  • Customization
    • Contractor
    • Project type
    • Project valuation
  • Displays contractors with most activity
  • Identifies potential opportunities

…and more. Ask our marketing professionals about other features that can increase your business.

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