What to Monitor on Construction Jobsites

Construction Jobsites

You implement and enforce all health and safety procedures OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requires and then some. The labor shortage and higher expenses are impacting projects. Making more money seems like the answer to a lot of problems, and how to make more money is the biggest problem of all.

You’re likely overlooking what’s right in front of you: real-time data on construction jobsites. CEO David Brian Ward shares 5 areas to watch on construction jobsites:

  1. Admin – Timesheets and project data are often sent to the main office, where administrative personnel records the information. Payroll is forwarded to accounting. Other pertinent data goes to HR. Those spreadsheet entries have a large margin of error; when too many people handle your data, too many dips in profits can occur.
    Digital workflow solutions can send your important project data directly to accounting, HR, etc.
  2. Attendance – Weekly sign-in sheets are losing ground as a management tool. Are you closely examining lateness or absentee trends? Who’s frequently calling in sick on Mondays or Fridays? Is there a leaving-early trend on Fridays? Who’s notattending the tool talks?
    This is information that impacts business health.
  3. Logs – Attendance, delivery glitches, and weather impact business profits. Logs are hurriedly completed at day’s end, and we often don’t document the details. Consider empowering workers to enter data throughout the day. This captures important information on your construction jobsites that can be critical to decision-making.
  4. Skills – Knowledge is power. What your workers know – their education, training, and certifications – are wasted if you aren’t using them. As mastery of skills grows, opportunities for advancement should also be available. This is one of the reasons we’re losing talent.
  5. Subcontractors – The subcontractor with whom you have the longest history may actually cost more. Up-to-date information about your subcontractors’ reliability, quality of work, safety compliance… This is project data you need to have easily accessible to improve your subcontractor selection process.

We encourage construction companies to use digital solutions to streamline business operations and improve safety. There are a lot of software companies out there and we don’t recommend nor endorse any of them except one: Construction Monitor software can drive business growth and empower you to make profitable decisions.

For powerful customized digital analytics, contact Construction Monitor.

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