Construction Business Software

Construction Business Software

There are so many choices for construction business software it’s mind-boggling. If you’re researching software, these are some 2022 resources worth checking out:

Autodesk, Inc. is a North American multinational company known for its architecture, construction, engineering, manufacturing, and other industry software solutions. Its 1982 AutoCAD was the beginning of a software revolution that changed the construction industry forever.

At its September 2022 conference in New Orleans, Autodesk incorporated a hybrid concept for conferences and other educational venues. There were 10,000 in-person and 30,000 online attendees for the event.

Editor/journalist Matthew Thibault noted these key takeaways from this year’s event:

  • Autodesk – A new partnership with Epic Games may lead to even better project development and management using augmented reality (AR). This construction business software can offer project contractors design models in real time.
  • EarthCam – Lack of jobsite visibility compromises safety and project efficiency. EarthCam’s live jobsite cameras provide user-controlled, live video feeds that include 3D models and AI-powered detailed reporting. “The augmented video feed shows progress and future work,” said one user of the upgraded construction business software.
  • Microdesk – Microdesk BIMrx™ integrated Symetri Naviate® software simplifies project workflows as well as offers “capabilities to create leading-edge buildings and infrastructure,” says Microdesk.
  • Schneider Electric – By 2040, 40% of our energy may be generated by renewable resources. Schneider Electric’s Advanced Electrical Design™ was created to simplify workflow while incorporating sustainability features. It helps mechanical engineers design high-performance buildings for the “new energy landscape.” The software not only offers electrical system layout/design, but it can also generate load reports and cable schedules.

A November 8, 2022, webinar will discuss the latest construction business software technology. Registration is open for this Construction Business Owner co-sponsored webinar. The webinar will include information to streamline and simplify:

  • Field project management
  • Incident/near-miss reporting
  • Mobile time-keeping
  • Permit-to-work management
  • Proactive risk assessment
  • Subcontractor onboarding

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