3 Exterior Construction Materials Findings

Exterior Construction Materials

Construction materials substitutions are often a key cause of conflict between contractors, architects, and clients. In a spring 2022 webinar, New Home Trends Institute (NHTI) Manager Allie Martin shared information about exterior construction materials and design trends for residential indoor-outdoor lifestyles.

Three of those evaluations and their findings were:

1. Re-Think Exterior Construction Materials Spending

The most valuable building materials are brick, siding, stone, and stucco. Homeowners care most about durability and low maintenance, followed by beauty, sustainability, and affordability. They find stone to be the most desirable material, closely followed by brick. Siding attracts a few homeowners and stucco is in last place.

Builders should consider promoting synthetic building materials that can be durable, energy efficient, low maintenance, and attractive. These materials look good to homeowners. The affordability and availability are appealing, too.

2. Elevation Styles Trends To Continue

Look for today’s trending styles to remain solid for a few more years:

  1. Contemporary
  2. Farmhouse
  3. Craftsman
  4. Mid-century

Blended traditional and contemporary (“transitional”) exterior styles gain the most interest.

3. Material Mixing Means Choosing the Right Mix

NHTI says 68% of homeowners believe exterior material mixing improves home design, with almost half saying the improvement is dramatic. One report revealed architects are finding mixing styles to be attractive if strategic mixing (restrained application or strategic placement of materials) is used.

“The biggest takeaway,” says Utopia Editor Quinn Purcell of the NHTI webinar, “is that exterior material mixing is set to accelerate in multiple elevation types. When 68% of homeowners believe material mixing improves a home’s design, the thought should not be lost on builders and architects.”

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