6 Exciting Construction Industry Technologies

construction industry technologies

“Contech” is a relatively new word because construction technology is in its infancy. We were slower to implement construction industry technology than other industry sectors, but we’re catching up fast.

Construction people are problem solvers. So that’s what we want from our technology: solutions. Here are several contech innovations that will provide answers to some of our most challenging questions.

  1. Fork it over – Operating a forklift is a skill that requires training and experience. It can also be a problem if your forklift pro is offsite. Phantom Auto allows forklift operators to move warehouse/jobsite materials remotely. It uses LIDAR sensors, high-resolution cameras, and graphic overlays for streaming.
  2. Hologram magic – Preconstruction can be beamed up using an augmented reality headset powered by Argyle software. Magic Leap 2 provides real-time BIM (building information modeling) project site updates and visuals.
  3. Made to measure – Reekon Tools T1 Tomahawk digital tape measure is the first professional-grade digital tape measure. Bluetooth connectivity gives it the ability to synch and store measurement information that can be compiled, sorted, and shared.
  4. Sky-high progress tracking – Leica Geosystems’ BLK2FLY app is controlled with joysticks for easier navigation. It will dodge high-rise obstacles like trees and wires, and your end product will be 3D representations (digital twins) of structures and environments.
  5. To the moon and back – The first 3D-printed homes were in Austin, TX, and prices started at $450,000. (They sold out within days.) ICON House Zero’s 3D printer is a 9,500-lb. robot, itself about the size of a house. It can develop a home concrete wall system in 10 days. ICON is partnering with NASA to develop a multipurpose construction system. Building materials will be sourced from the moon and Mars.
  6. Underground exploration – Exodigo subsurface mapping platform uses sensors to provide AI (artificial intelligence) to data. It provides 3D subsurface mapping for detailed views of underground lines, etc.

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