Women in Construction Week March 5-11

women in construction week

The number of women in construction has increased by almost 50% during the last decade. Still, women make up only 14% of the construction industry workforce.

Many Paths. One Mission: Women in Construction

Increasing the number of women in construction careers is vital. Building women in leadership positions will also be emphasized during 2023’s WIC (Women in Construction) Week, March 5-11. The need for women serving as industry advocates and career-path mentors is imperative to promote women in construction, says Lauline Mitchell, president of NAWIC (National Association of Women in Construction). Mitchell will be a featured speaker at this year’s NAWIC-sponsored WIC Week event in Michigan.

The strong demand for talent in the construction industry has not only increased the number of opportunities; salaries are higher, and the gender pay gap is lower. Women making the move from one industry into construction often see increased pay.

There is so much opportunity for young women and those already established in business to join us in the construction industry. WIC Week is both a celebration and an educational opportunity at the same time. This is our 25th annual WIC Week and I’m looking forward to the next 25 to come. -Lauline Mitchell, NAWIC

Progress and Change Begin With You

March is Women’s History Month. It also celebrates the icon of U.S. working women: Rosie the Riveter. A domestic wartime movement to recruit women away from gender-traditional roles into manufacturing and construction had its roots in the 1940s’ Rosie the Riveter campaign.

There are more than 60 national construction industry-related trade shows in March 2023, including the AGC Annual Convention and New York Build 2023, a construction and design expo.

The month of March represents growth, new life, and change. Proactive business development is rewarding. It can also be more profitable. Our building permit data analyses can give you the tools for change your company needs. Contact Construction Monitor.

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