Construction Project Blind Spots

construction project

Material prices and labor shortages are completely unpredictable at this point, so construction project management is less about using traditional industry-best processes and more about creativity.

Ferris State University Professor Mark R. Dyke says, “Finding ways to be more efficient…about how work is done, and keeping employees happy” is what it takes to manage a successful construction project.

Blind spots can blur your vision and limit progress. You can identify construction project blind spots by asking – and answering – questions. For example:

Q: Why aren’t we meeting our targets?
Because of work delays.

Q: Why is work delayed?
We don’t have the workers with the right skills for that particular phase.

Q: Why aren’t key skilled workers/team members on the jobsite?
Because the scheduler/supervisor didn’t understand what skills were needed.

Q: Why doesn’t the scheduler/supervisor have up-to-date information about workers and their skills?
It wasn’t correctly communicated or documented.

Q: Why isn’t critical information available?
Because we don’t have a process or software that effectively captures and stores real-time-accessible information.

Construction companies’ sizes and cultures are as unique as each construction project. The right software gives you a clear view of what’s happening throughout your construction project.

Dyke says you need to find your company’s right-fit solution by asking:

  1. Does the technology tool do what we need?
    • Will it solve our problem(s)?
  2. What training is required?
    • Is support available?

Some of your team members will buy into the technology and its training immediately. Others may be hesitant. 

Professor Dyke is also a licensed professional counselor. He says understanding the individual training needs of workers is key. “Remember, you’re dealing with people. Don’t get so lost in the technology or solution that you forget who’s using it.”

Construction technology software solutions can give you a handle on how your business is running, every minute of every day. Our construction technology software can reduce mountains of building permit information to manageable, actionable data, specific to your company’s needs.

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