Your Construction Business & Worker Benefits

construction business and worker benefits

If you want to attract high-level workers, you need to offer more than good pay. And says today’s workforce doesn’t get excited about traditional cookie-cutter company benefits. To increase job satisfaction, construction business owners and managers should consider more contemporary employee benefits. Eldercare, fertility treatments, pet care/doggy daycare, and tuition reimbursement are examples of nontraditional benefits/options.

Completing projects safely, on time, under budget, and with high customer service are directly correlated to the quality of your output. You need the right set of benefits to attract and retain the best talent in your market. –MPloyerAdvisor

In a recent survey, 73% of employees say “being happy” is the most important aspect of their work experience, followed by meaningful work and career success. One environmental health and safety newsletter says in addition to offering more modern benefits packages, it’s also important to ensure employees are aware of and understand construction business company benefits.

Understanding their benefits increases a feeling of stability and increases loyalty among workers. One-third of the surveyed employees felt they procrastinated when selecting benefits but also wished they’d had more time to choose. Half of the employees didn’t seek advice about benefits, and they were among the group that worried most about unexpected health/money crises.

Twenty-nine percent of construction companies offer access to a short-term disability plan and only 17% offer access to a long-term disability plan. These are both well below the national averages.
-Construction Industry Employment Benefit Summary

Construction business managers may want to explore 2024 annual benefits education for their workers. They should make multiple channels of information available and accessible online by mobile workers’ cellphones and examine incorporating personalization into future benefits strategies.

In a recent survey of our tech support team, we learned 100% of our subscribers are happier when they understand how to use Construction Monitor to build business. To learn more, request a free edition or contact us today.

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