Innovative Residential Skyscraper Proposed for San Francisco by Architect Jeanne Gang

San FranciscoA new skyscraper proposed for San Francisco will combine upscale residential living with the artistry of modern architecture.

The building, designed by Chicago-based architect Jeanne Gang, will be a 400-foot-tall structure containing 390 individual condominiums, according to Building Design & Construction.
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Solar Energy Use in Florida Construction Gets a Boost from a Local College

solar energyThe construction industry in the Sunshine State is preparing to make more practical use of its most abundant natural resource with some help from a Sarasota college. Solar energy in Florida is expected to become a more widely used element of construction and renovation projects thanks to an extensive education project at the Lakewood Ranch campus of Everglades University.
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Will Seattle Pass New Rules Requiring Construction Companies to Hire Local Workers?

SeattleWhile Seattle enjoys a substantial boom in construction and related employment, the city is struggling to balance the needs of contractors with demands for local hiring for Seattle construction and infrastructure projects.

The Seattle City Council is considering a local hire ordinance that will require construction companies working in Seattle to hire workers from within and close to the city.
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Plans for Arizona’s Sun Devil Stadium Renovation Now Underway

Sun Devil Stadium RenovationRenovation on Arizona State University’s Sun Devil Stadium has reached an early milestone with the selection of the architectural design and construction firms that will be responsible for the project.

Design services will be handled by HNTB Corporation and Gould, while Hunt Construction Group and Sundt Construction will perform the construction work, according to Construction Global.
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Construction in New York City Continues Climbing, Nearing $30 Billion in Annual Spending

New York CityConstruction in New York City is expected to continue expanding to levels not seen since the mid-2000s, topping $37 billion in 2015. Industry sources predict that overall construction expenditures in 2015 will reach approximately $37 billion, according to New York City Construction Outlook 2013-2015. This report is an annual NYC construction industry analysis and forecast published by the New York Building Congress and the New York Building Foundation.
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How to Use Mobile Apps to Make Your Construction Business More Efficient

mobile appsThe overwhelming popularity of smartphones means that it’s likely you, your staff, and clients will own one. These devices not only make communication easier, but they also offer computing power and software applications that can improve the function of your construction business. Here are some effective ways to use mobile apps to make your construction business more efficient, easier to operate and more profitable.
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Tips and Tricks for Completing an HVAC Life Cycle Cost Assessment

HVAC life cycle cost assessmentWhen your customers purchase new heating or cooling equipment for either commercial or residential applications, they will benefit significantly from an HVAC life cycle cost assessment. This type of analysis will tell them how much the new equipment will cost to operate over its life span and can help you and your customers identify the HVAC systems that will give the best long-term service for the money.
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Using Fire-Rated Glass for Exterior Applications

fire safetyFire-rated glass is commonly used for interior windows and glass walls in building and renovation projects. However, recent trends indicate that this type of glazing can also be a good choice for exterior projects. Here’s a brief introduction to using fire-rated glass in exterior applications.
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Tiny Houses See Construction Boom in Tough Economic Times

tiny housesA growing trend in home building in the United States has some homeowners choosing a compact lifestyle rather than seeking larger houses that impose substantial cost burdens and long-term mortgage commitments.

The movement toward these self-described “tiny houses” continues to gain momentum, with more and more individuals, couples and families choosing a dramatically smaller living space.
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Why Some Roofers Are Making Attic Inspections a Standard Part of a House Call

attic inspectionsTo get the best results from a residential roof replacement, the process should include a careful inspection of the attic. With roofers making attic inspections an integral part of the roof replacement process, homeowners are spared unpleasant surprises and additional expenses after the project has begun.
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