More on the Spaceship-Style Apple Campus Construction in California

Apple Campus ConstructionProgress continues to be made on the high-tech campus at the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California.

One of the site’s most notable features—the enormous spaceship-style headquarters building that will serve as the area’s centerpiece—was revealed in model form in October 2013. The sprawling building will be the campus’s centerpiece, consisting of a ring-shaped structure highlighted with architectural glass features and topped by an extensive network of solar panels. The building will include a large auditorium, a walking/jogging path and a fitness center, among other amenities. Read More »

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Construction Industry Employment Booms Across the Nation — Here Are the Top Spots

Construction Industry Employment BoomsEncouraging economic news from the construction industry indicates that employment in building and construction is increasing in areas throughout the United States. Read More »

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Foamed Asphalt: How It’s Being Used as an Environmentally-Friendly Alternative

Foamed asphalt offers an alternative to traditional asphalt repair that saves money and labor and reduces traffic disruption. Pavers and road builders know that asphalt isn’t a perfect material for original paving or repair. The service life of asphalt is less than 20 years, which means asphalt roads under heavy use are in ongoing, perpetual repair. The volume of existing material removed during repair is substantial, necessitating heavy truck usage that impedes regular traffic. Recycling asphalt, however, has traditionally proved to be less than ideal in most real-world scenarios. Read More »

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Construction Site Safety: Don’t Neglect These Areas

Construction Site SafetyConstruction site safety isn’t a secondary issue when you consider industry statistics. Every year, about 150,000 injuries occur at construction sites. That’s approximately one out of every 10 workers. In a typical year, over 1,000 construction injuries result in fatalities. While some are simple accidents, many result from causes that aren’t random and could have been prevented if safety regulations were observed and employees were properly trained. Read More »

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David Weekley Homes Expands to Chicago Home Construction Market

David Weekley Homes Expands to ChicagoHouston’s David Weekley Homes has announced plans to expand into the Chicago area in the second quarter of 2014. The move will represent the company’s northernmost presence in home construction, with developments already stretching from Atlanta to PhoenixRead More »

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Expected Hawaii Construction Boom Too Big for Tight Labor Market

Expected Hawaii Construction Boom Too Big for Tight Labor MarketAlthough Hawaii construction has been sluggish over the last decade, it’s rebounding in big way. So big, in fact, that the state’s existing labor force may not be large enough to meet current demand. Read More »

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Cement Use Continues in Construction, With Few Signs of Slowing Down

Cement Use Continues in ConstructionBecause it’s the most widely-used building material in the world, keeping track of cement use in construction is a good way to get a snapshot of trends in building projects. From the foundations of new homes to the structure of skyscrapers, dams, bridges and tunnels, as the production and consumption of cement goes, so goes the general building climate at any given time. The good news is that cement use is increasing in a big way.   Read More »

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University of Texas Medical School Now Under Construction, Nearby Teaching Hospital Coming Soon

University of Texas Medical School Now Under ConstructionThe education of future generations of physicians has been furthered significantly with the beginnings of a new medical school at The University of Texas at Austin.

Construction began in early 2014 on the Dell Medical School, with groundbreaking ceremonies held on April 19.

The University of Texas medical school construction project represents the first new medical school in decades at a tier-one university in the United States, according to The University of Texas at Austin website.

The Dell Medical School will comprise 515,000 square feet of research, educational and administrative facilities, as well as a medical office building and a parking garage. Facilities are being built at the intersection of 15th Street and Red River Street, close to the University Medical Center Brackenridge and the university’s School of Nursing.

The University of Texas System Board of Regents has dedicated $334 million to the building of the Dell Medical School. The construction project is also supported by $35 million per year in increased Travis County tax revenue and by a $50 million pledge from the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation.

University officials expect the school to be completed in time to accommodate its first class in the fall semester of 2016.

The University of Texas medical school construction project will also include the Seton Medical Center at The University of Texas, a teaching hospital operated by the Seton Healthcare Family, a leading healthcare provider serving central Texas. The 490,000-square-foot hospital will contain 211 beds and is expected to be completed and operational by 2017, according to the Austin Business Journal.

Seton’s new $295 million teaching hospital will provide needed medical services to central Texas residents and is intended to replace the University Medical Center Brackenridge.

Construction Monitor provides in-depth construction industry data derived from building permits and other information resources from across the country. Contact us today for more information on the University of Texas medical school construction and the effects of increased construction activity at academic institutions.

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Residential Construction Rose Nationwide in April

Residential Construction Rose Nationwide in AprilAs part of an overall trend in new construction starts in the United States, residential construction saw a notable increase in April 2014.

Residential construction rose 4 percent in April, bringing the annual rate to an estimated $214.4 billion, according to published reportsIncreases in production of multifamily housing such as apartments, townhouses and condominiums is credited with the April increase. The rate of construction was 24 percent higher than the same period in 2013. Read More »

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West Dallas Seeing Significant Increase in Apartment Construction

west dallas apartment constructionIf the previously sleepy West Dallas construction scene has fallen off your radar, now’s the time to start paying attention again. Although developers began securing land in West Dallas around 10 years ago, actual development has been slow to come. Many developers either had no specific plans or were waiting on other developers to take on the risks first. Over the last few years, however, West Dallas has seen an upsurge in apartment construction and the pace of growth is picking up. Read More »

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