6 Celebrities Walking the Environmental Walk With Eco-Friendly Homes

eco-friendly homesCelebrities with eco-friendly homes not only do their part to protect the environment, but they also leverage their popularity to encourage eco-friendly living among their fan base, some of whom may be your clients. When it comes to green living, a few stars really stand out. 

  • Ed Begley Jr. — The star of Living with Ed is well known for his belief in sustainable building and his family’s home near Los Angeles reflects that. The building’s electrical needs are met entirely through solar power. Outside, rain barrels capture water and a solar-powered oven helps Begley cook up soups and stews.
  • Daryl Hannah — The modest Malibu home where Hannah once lived is a fine example of how environmentally conscious design can support comfort and aesthetics. The home’s small size keeps its energy needs down. The energy-efficient radiant flooring system and eco-friendly moss deck add to its coziness.
  • Jessica Alba — True to her commitment to healthy, eco-friendly living, Alba’s Beverly Hills home is furnished with PVC-free vinyl chairs and a flame-retardant-free couch filled with non-toxic stuffing. VOC-free paints brighten the walls.
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Brad Hall — This couple’s Santa Barbara-area bungalow was built using sustainably harvested wood and insulated with recycled newspaper. The daylighting and solar heating cuts down on electricity use. Unusual even among celebrities with eco-friendly homes is the building’s retractable roof, which supplies enough air circulation to eliminate the need for air conditioning.
  • Julia Roberts — The roof of Julia Robert’s and husband Danny Moder’s rambling mansion supports a wide swath of solar panels that help meet the family’s energy needs. Recycled tiles were selected for the bathroom and sustainably harvested used elsewhere in the home.
  • Johnny Depp — Not content with air-polluting diesel generators to power his remote Caribbean-island home, Depp teamed up with solar-hydrogen home designer Mike Strizki to equip the home with a solar power system that stores energy as hydrogen gas for the night and for cloudy days.

If these celebrities with eco-friendly homes have inspired you to offer a broader range of environmentally sound building technology, get in touch with us at Construction Monitor for more ideas.

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