8 Green Building Construction Trends That Are Making Waves in 2014

Green Building Construction TrendsThe popularity of eco-friendly building grows every year and by keeping up on green building construction trends, your company’s revenue can grow with it. In 2014, energy efficiency, product transparency, and workload-lightening cloud technology should all be on your watch list.

  1. Green renovations predominate — Demand for greening existing buildings stands to surpass demand for new eco-friendly constructions. This year alone, hundreds of government buildings are likely to be scheduled for upgrades with an eye toward gaining green building ratings.
  2. Automated energy management attracts attention — One of several long-term green building construction trends, energy efficiency improvements are in ever-increasing demand. In 2014, cloud-based (web-based) systems that manage energy use are poised to play a greater role in meeting this demand.
  3. Solar power surges forth — With an increase in the third-party financing options available, more owners of commercial and residential spaces will consider rooftop solar power systems.
  4. Water awareness grows — The need to conserve water is no longer restricted to desert climates. Nationwide, reduced rainfall and dwindling freshwater reserves mean more property owners will be looking for convenient ways to save water.
  5. Disclosure is in demand — To gain a competitive edge, more manufacturers will use Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), Health Product Declarations (HPDs), red lists of chemicals and materials, and other transparency tools.
  6. The cloud comes into its own — Designing and managing construction projects in cloud-based technology will soon be the norm. Now’s the time to get on board with the fast, efficient collaboration cloud computing enables.
  7. LEED’s popularity slips — The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) now recognizes a Two Globes certification from Green Globes to be equal to LEED Silver Certification. Many professionals will opt for the simpler, more affordable Green Globes over LEED.
  8. Zero-energy goes mainstream — The ability to design zero-net-energy buildings will put you a cut above the average construction firm, right where you need to be to attract clients who are serious about minimizing their building’s energy demands.

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3 thoughts on “8 Green Building Construction Trends That Are Making Waves in 2014”

  1. I can’t wait for those days when green building will be a norm,we really need to change its not like we have a choice global warming os affecting us humans and animals, I think it is worse for animals because there is nothing they can do from what I have read..more and more animals are dying because of the heat..no water crops are dying and that is messing with the food chain so animals have no food.
    Light steel framing
    is becoming quite popular here in South Africa and hopefully we can slowly live green and save the Earth.

  2. That’s cool that hundreds of government buildings are likely to be scheduled for upgrades with an eye toward gaining green building ratings. That’ll probably be very beneficial to multiple people. I love how much more effort people are putting into becoming green.

  3. Saving water is one of the many practices for green construction that we should all take note of. It’s so important to implement green and sustainable practices for the construction industry because they will heavily impact the environment’s future.

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