Remodeling Trends for Kitchens and Baths Across the U.S.

Current kitchen and bath remodeling trends are more likely to emphasize smaller size, improved spatial flow between kitchens and surrounding areas, and better conservation of water. Here are some of the most recent kitchen and bath remodeling trends, as reported by Shelley D. Hutchins on the Builder website.

Remodeling Trends
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  • Making better use of smaller spaces: Kitchen remodels are more likely to include kitchens that are smaller than before, Hutchins noted. A well-designed kitchen with efficient storage space can be just as practical as a larger one, but with more compact spaces. New homeowners can save money by using a smaller, tighter kitchen, while older couples whose children have left home can get more usable space in surrounding areas by reducing kitchen size.
  • Improving water conservation: Both bathrooms and kitchens are high-volume users of water, and newer remodels emphasize ways to conserve water as a part of better environmental awareness. Low-flow fixtures, efficiency in design, and other components help keep water usage at a functional minimum.
  • Providing better flow between kitchens and surrounding areas: Kitchen remodel design is becoming more concerned with the spatial flow between kitchens and surrounding rooms. In many cases, an open floor plan is used to create a wider, more inviting space that is often anchored on the kitchen area.
  • Using luxury and non-standard materials and finishes: Kitchen and bathroom remodels are frequently the target for the use of higher-end materials to produce visual appeal, provide long-lasting and durable surfaces, and make progress toward environmental friendliness. In some cases, materials that are traditionally used outdoors, such as brick, are being added to kitchens.
  • Creating indoor/outdoor connections: Some kitchen remodeling projects are emphasizing a better connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. Large windows, sliding doors and strategically placed windows provide plenty of natural lighting and offer privacy while still highlighting views of trees and natural features of the surrounding yard.

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