BIM Software and the Advantages Driving the Construction Industry to Use It

BIM softwareOne of the most useful construction technology tools is building information modeling (BIM). BIM software gives significant advantages to almost everyone in the building process, including architects, HVAC and electrical system professionals, energy efficiency experts, and builders. Here are some of the ways that BIM software in the construction industry helps ensure that projects of all sizes will be efficient, safe and cost effective.

  • Early and accurate visualization of projects: BIM software allows architects, owners and builders to create accurate visual representations of a project before it’s built. Using BIM, a new structure can be seen from the inside out and visualized in terms of its surroundings. This allows everyone in the project to clearly understand what the building will look like once it’s finished and how it will affect the surrounding landscape and neighboring structures.
  • Generation of important data: A BIM program generates useful information and important data about the project and its requirements. For example, the data from a BIM file can be used to create progress reports, conduct facilities analysis, generate supply and material requirements, and produce schedules.
  • Better project efficiency: BIM software dramatically improves construction project efficiency. Materials can be ordered when they’re needed and in the correct amounts, reducing over-ordering and waste. Collaboration and cooperation between the various professional departments involved in the project can be improved. Projects can proceed much more quickly because BIM allows design decisions to be made before any on-site work is done.
  • Improved safety of final project: BIM modeling allows a variety of scenarios to be run to evaluate the effectiveness of fire suppression and other safety systems. These scenarios can accurately model a potential emergency and clarify how safety equipment will function. Any problems with the safety systems can be identified and corrected before installation.

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