How Technology and Big Data Has Improved the Construction Industry

Technology and Big Data Has Improved the Construction IndustryIn today’s construction industry, the more you know and the more effectively you can process the data you have, the bigger advantage you’ll have in the marketplace. Technology in the construction industry offers designers, builders, suppliers and manufacturers the ability to make accurate predictions, precisely control business processes, and find opportunities for business that otherwise might have remained hidden.

Desktop and laptop computers give you access to your business data, accounting programs and other practical information. Computer-assisted design makes it easier to visualize projects and make virtual changes that help you avoid errors in the physical world. Smartphones help you, your employees and your customers stay in touch with greater ease, adding abilities to transmit drawings, take and send photographs, and conduct sophisticated analyses, all in a device that fits in your pocket.

Without data, however, the value of technology is extremely limited. The concept of big data originated in the high-tech world as companies and government agencies started gathering, storing and analyzing vast amounts of electronic information.

For construction firms, the use of technology and big data can improve operations in almost all areas. Technology allows builders to:

  • Accurately schedule work, material deliveries and other time-critical activities.
  • Construct precise models of all aspects of a building’s structure, from the HVAC system to the windows. Changes can be made on-screen to see how they’ll affect the entire structure, reducing errors on the construction site.
  • Provide detailed pre-construction analysis that helps prevent problems such as delays, cost overruns and material waste.
  • Assess and predict energy usage patterns, power requirements, and benefits from using green technology or high-efficiency equipment.
  • Build detailed 3D maps of building sites that aid pre-construction planning and allow for clear visualization of the placement and effect of structures.

Construction Monitor collects and publishes the most recent data on building permit applications throughout the country, helping industry professionals identify where their products and services could be needed for construction projects of all sizes. Contact us today for more information on technology in the construction industry and how big data has made more opportunities available than ever before.

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