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How Your Builders can Build Stronger, More Sustainable Homes

Along with energy efficiency, the strength and stability of a new home are among its most important characteristics. A sturdy, well-built home lasts longer without the need for substantial repairs or renovations. It also offers a more sustainable structure that can reduce the overall demand for building materials and energy. The following is a brief introduction to how builders can build stronger, more sustainable homes.

steel frame
  • Use steel frames: When constructing a strong and sturdy home, it is often better to use steel framing instead of wood. Although wood is a traditional material in house construction, steel offers greater strength and durability for a home’s frame while being almost as versatile and adaptable as wood. Steel also lasts much longer than wood in a construction project. Steel framing provides benefits that wood framing cannot match, such as lack of warping or shrinking. Steel also cannot be affected by termites, moisture, or other natural factors that can severely damage wood frames.
  • Apply structural panels: Many past home construction projects left openings in the structure’s walls for the installation of insulation, usually fiberglass blanket insulation. While this insulation is effective, it does not offer any boost to the strength of the home. Structural panels are designed to fill in the same space while creating additional support for the home’s walls and ceiling. The rigid foam construction of structural panels provides excellent insulating properties while adding to the home’s durability.
  • Use modular construction: Construction projects have long been controlled by what happens on the construction site, with last-minute alterations being made as the building is put together in the field. Modular construction allows for particular segments of the home to be built beforehand in a factory or workshop environment. Modular construction is often controlled by computers and can be monitored carefully to ensure all specifications are met.

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