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5 Ways You can Generate Leads Through Contractor Marketing

The construction industry shares at least one thing in common with every other business segment: a steady stream of leads and new customers is essential to sustaining and expanding a company.

lead generation
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Here are five contractor marketing tips to generate leads that can help you find more customers and increase revenues and profits:

  1. Capture attention: Whatever media you are using for your marketing, you must get your prospects’ attention. Use attention-grabbing headlines and intriguing images to entice your leads to look at your marketing material. Make sure the copy is interesting, relevant, and free of errors. If necessary, hire a professional writer or editor to create your marketing materials.
  2. Make customers your focus: Leads and potential customers don’t particularly want to know about your company. They want to know what your company can do for them. The old saying “What’s in it for me?” applies here. Deep down, any lead or potential customer will want to know how you can help them.
  3. Highlight solutions to problems: Keep the focus on your customers and how your professional services can help them solve their problems and eliminate their “pain points.” Emphasize the inconvenience and troubles associated with problems you can help resolve–the stress and aggravation of not having enough space in the home, for example. Then position your services in building additions as a clear solution to the issue.
  4. Provide proof: Where possible, include proof of your ability to solve customers’ problems. This can take the form of customer testimonials, lists of previous projects, or memberships in professional organizations.
  5. Give a distinct call to action: Make sure your marketing and advertising contains a clearly stated and distinct call to action. A call to action tells your lead or potential customer what to do next, whether that’s to call now, visit a website, or pay a personal visit to your store.

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