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How can I Keep Construction Equipment Cool This Summer?

Working in the excess heat of a summer day can be a significant danger for your employment and construction crews. However, an overheated work environment can also be a potential problem for your costly and hard-to-replace construction equipment. If your work equipment gets too hot, malfunctions, breakdowns, and serious damage to engines and other important components can result.

construction equipment

Here are some tips on how to keep construction equipment cool during the summer so you can keep moving forward on schedule and without expensive repairs.

  • Avoid working in direct sunlight: When possible, do not operate or store construction equipment in direct sunlight. When equipment is not being used, move it into a shaded area or a storage building to keep sunlight off it. If no storage space is available, cover the equipment with a tarp or similar covering to prevent direct exposure to sunshine.
  • Try to schedule work for cooler hours: As with working in direct sunlight, work schedules may make it impossible for your crews to work during any time other than the peak hours of the day. It’s during these times when outdoor temperatures are going to be highest. When possible, however, schedule outdoor work for earlier or later in the day when temperatures are lower. Extremely hot work environments may make it necessary to start earlier or finish later to avoid the effects of the sun. Have a supervisor monitor temperatures for both worker and equipment safety.
  • Shut equipment down when not in use: When you aren’t using a piece of equipment, turn it off and allow it to cool down. If the equipment has a “sleep” mode, use that during short periods when the machinery will be idle. The better solution is to park the equipment in a shaded area and shut it off completely to allow it to cool off while not being used.

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  1. You bring up a good concern about the safety of the equipment in the sun. I would certainly look for opportunities to work in the shade, but sometimes this isn’t possible. I would whenever you can work at night to avoid the heat.

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