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How can Construction Industry Leaders Encourage Sustainable Development?

The construction industry is known as a significant consumer of energy and materials. Not only are many construction processes themselves energy-intensive, the structures that that get built can themselves use more energy than necessary. Over the years, positive attitudes toward energy efficiency and conservation have continued to expand and evolve.

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In today’s construction industry, sustainable development, energy conservation, and energy efficiency are taking on a much more substantial role. Here are some of the benefits of implementing sustainable development in the construction industry that can accrue for your company and for your client.

  • Saving money: One of the most important benefits from building with an eye toward sustainable development is saving money. Sometimes you may be able to use recycled or repurposed materials on the project, which usually means a lower cost for supplies. The savings can also be passed along to your client. In the long run, an energy-efficient structure costs much less to heat and cool, and will save the owners and occupants substantial money on energy expenses every month. Even if the initial investment in sustainable materials and high-efficiency equipment is higher, the savings from these investments should still allow the owner to recover the costs within a few years.
  • Reducing carbon footprint: Builders and owners who are concerned with the environment are becoming more interested in applying sustainable development and energy efficiency concepts to their commercial and residential structures. This is a valid concern; using sustainable building materials, constructing buildings to use less energy, and taking similar steps will substantially decrease greenhouse gases, carbon emissions, and other pollutants.
  • Improving reputation: Construction industry professionals who support sustainable development can legitimately use that support as a selling point to clients who are themselves concerned about environmental issues. You’ll be seen as a positive participant in improving your environment and community.

Construction Monitor helps give builders, managers, contractors, and other industry professionals the edge when it comes to issues of sustainable development. Contact us today for more information on implementing sustainable development in the construction industry and how doing so will pay off for you in multiple ways.

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