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How Your Firm can Declare its Core Values

Part of differentiating your construction firm from the dozens of others in your area is determining the values your company holds above all others, known as your core values. Knowing how to define core values of a construction company will help you attract your ideal clients and guide your firm toward achieving major goals.

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A company’s core values are five to seven principles that underlie and influence every decision made in the company. Everyone, from the CEO to the receptionist, will refer to these values daily as they go about their jobs. They affect your hiring practices, employee policies, and interactions with clients, as well as your marketing and how you cultivate construction leads in Cedar City.

These aren’t merely basic standards, such as “honesty,” but rather the beliefs your company adheres to that not all construction companies prioritize. Some options include:

Safety – Commitment to the most effective safety practices and a zero-injury culture.
Community – Dedication to contributing to a happier, more prosperous local community.
Balance – A view toward policies that help your employees enjoy a healthy work-life balance.
Diversity – Investment in building a team that includes people from all walks of life.
Innovation – Willingness to take the risks necessary to find better solutions.
Quality – A focus on the highest quality materials and construction practices.

One way to define your core values is to gather a group of people you feel intuitively grasp the company’s character, ask them to list five to seven of what they feel are the company’s values, and allow one person to combine these.

Next, invite ideas from your employees via email and, again, combine them to come up with five to seven specific values. Finally, present your results to your employees and ask for feedback on how well the core values chosen represent how the company actually does business.

Make sure the principles you chose are ones you can truly commit to and that will push your firm toward the goals outlined in your mission statement.

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