3 Big Landscape Architecture Trends for Commercial Spaces

landscape architecture trendsIn commercial building projects of substantial size, the aesthetics and functionality of the space’s landscape architecture can be an important consideration for owners, builders, and tenants. Several landscape architecture trends are emerging that suggest that the look of the building’s exterior areas, along with their usability and sustainability, will receive greater attention as elements of successful construction and design. Here is some brief information on three of those landscape architecture trends.

  1. Aesthetics: The beauty and elegance of a commercial building are becoming a greater consideration in many modern construction projects. Well-designed outdoor lighting that highlights and intensifies the look of building exteriors and facades is one popular element in landscaping. Outdoor structures such as gardens, gazebos, and similar features provide places for rest and relaxation while improving the beauty of the commercial area’s outdoor spaces.
  2. Functionality: The functionality of the landscape architecture of a commercial space is becoming more associated with the blending of indoor and outdoor spaces. In essence, the dividing line between indoor and outdoor spaces is becoming more flexible, and the indoor/outdoor combination is creating spaces where tenants can relax, employees can achieve greater productivity, and individuals can find an escape from the traditional “cube farm” model of office spaces. This effect is often accomplished by opening up the facade of a commercial building to allow easy access to the outdoor areas. In some cases, the use of natural colors and textures can help simulate an outdoor space in an indoor area that can’t be opened up.
  3. Sustainability: Environmental concerns, interest in conserving energy, and consistent goals of making commercial spaces self-sustaining are driving trends for the sustainability of commercial spaces. Installing plants, bio-walls, green roofs, outdoor gardens, high-efficiency HVAC and lighting systems, energy-saving windows, and other energy-conscious features are some of the ways sustainability can be encouraged.

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  1. We have had a few new commercial buildings erected in our city this year and I am surprised how beautiful they are. They are super well built with arches and really pretty materials. I like that you mentioned how this is becoming a bigger and bigger factor in how buildings are built.

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