Where is Your Next Big Project Coming From?

lead generation in the construction businessFor any company, a steady stream of new customers is vital to sustaining the business. A commercial or residential commercial customer may have a large construction project for you, but once that job is completed, they may not need your services again. Lead generation in the construction business must be constant and consistent, taking into consideration the unique factors that drive commercial and residential work.

  • Use direct sales methods: Pursuing leads by direct sales methods such as one-to-one contacts can often be your most effective way of finding new clients.
  • Use social media: Social media remains a top-tier solution for generating leads and communicating with potential customers. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and the other social media sites give you the opportunity to promote your business while at the same time making direct connections with individuals and companies that might need your services. Social media participation helps you build trust, establish your credentials as an expert, and find out directly from leads and customers what they need and want.
  • Ask for referrals: When you finish a project and have created a happy customer, don’t hesitate to ask for referrals to others — friends, family, colleagues — who may need your services. A referral from someone they know will help break down any initial barriers to contact and communication and will put you ahead in the sales process.
  • Use statistics and trends: Construction industry trends and statistics can be a valuable source of leads. The type of data that Construction Monitor offers, for example, can show you where building permits are being issued and can give you important insight into the needs of building owners and builders. Keeping track of trends can help you locate geographical areas with increased construction activity and the types of construction projects that are underway there.

Owners, managers, and business developers can learn the latest about construction industry trends with Construction Monitor‘s statistics, regional reports, and other up-to-date industry data. Contact us today for more information on lead generation in the construction business and for the crucial data that can help you plan your business development and lead generation efforts.