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The Paperless Revolution: 3 Reasons to Use Construction Management Software

When computers first began to be widely used as business tools, one of the predicted benefits was that electronic communication would result in the “paperless office.” This prediction hasn’t yet come true, but computers have certainly made it easier to function in some areas without paper. For construction companies, construction management software offers several vital functions and conveniences without the need for physical documents.

  • construction management softwareBetter, more precise management: Electronic project management and record keeping with construction management software makes it significantly easier to deal with large amounts of information. All of the important documents connected to a single project can be managed electronically, giving managers instant access to needed information. Technical and architectural drawings, schematics, plans, materials lists, financial data—all can be made available electronically. Information from separate projects can be accessed or merged with relative ease, allowing important comparisons of factors such as costs, labor, material needs, and outcomes. Electronic access offers a significant improvement over sifting through files, drawings, and reams of paper records for the same data.
  • Increased mobility: Construction management software allows owners, managers, and supervisors the ability to take important information into the field without the inconvenience of hauling around paper records. By using smartphones, laptops, or tablet computers, project management information and data can be accessed immediately on the construction site. This allows decisions to be made quickly and efficiently on the spot, without the need to travel back to an office to consult paper documents.
  • Reduced risk: Any construction project comes with risk, but construction management software allows risk managers and other supervisory personnel the ability to assess and handle risk in a way that can’t be matched with paper records. Instant access to important documents and data, along with specialized risk management software, can give managers the ability to foresee and monitor risk either on site or from the office.

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