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3 Trends Impacting the Construction Industry in 2016

In the latter part of 2015, construction industry professionals should take some time to look forward at the trends in the construction industry that are likely to affect them in 2016. Being ready for new developments can help builders, company owners, and contractors prepare for opportunities that might arise with little advance warning. Here is a brief outline of three of those trends that could make 2016 a productive year.

  1. Sustainability: Environmental consciousness and trends in the construction industry“green” construction remain a major consideration for many builders and their customers. This trend shows little sign of declining in 2016. Many construction clients are urging (or requiring) builders and contractors to use recycled materials or proven sustainable materials that can be easily renewed. Interest is growing in sustainability factors such as zero-energy homes that produce all the energy used within the home. Energy conservation is also becoming more popular, and in response high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, LED lighting and other efficient lighting equipment, and low-flow plumbing fixtures and water conservation processes will be installed more frequently.
  2. Micro-apartments: The trend of “small living” in micro-apartments, and to a further extent, in tiny homes, is expected to expand in 2016. These very small living spaces provide all the basic amenities but in a dramatically reduced space, sometimes just a few hundred square feet. Micro-apartments offer residents a less expensive dwelling option in high-demand areas, such as downtowns and popular urban sites. Tiny houses, in contrast, provide small individual homes that can easily be moved to places where the residents can live with few restrictions.
  3. New technologies: Technology will continue to advance and, as it does so, it will have an effect on the construction industry. Efficiency will be improved through better communication via smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers. Important data, such as drawings, materials lists, and contracts, will be immediately available through construction management software.

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2 thoughts on “3 Trends Impacting the Construction Industry in 2016”

  1. I didn’t realize that small houses were becoming such a big trend. I wonder if it is because people are trying to save money. If my husband and I plan to build a house this year, I know we would focus on energy efficiency. We’ll have to start looking for a construction company who knows all the ways to make a home more efficient.

  2. I really like the idea of the tiny house movement. The houses are normally really well built and look amazing inside and out, which makes up for some of the loss in space. However, I am kind of skeptical of the micro apartment movement. I think it will take off because more people are wanting to live in big cities, but I feel like there are fewer benefits to tiny apartments than there are too tiny houses.

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