socia media in the construction industry

How Social Media Can Magnify your Marketing Efforts

Even when traditional marketing methods work, their reach is relatively limited. Using social media in the construction industry is a more effective way to get in front of a global audience, build personal connections with potential clients, and reach new demographic segments.

socia media in the construction industryReach Out

Find out what social media hashtags are popular with your target market and use them when relevant to get your company’s name out there. When you attend a networking event, tag your posts to let others know you’re there. Check what’s being posted under the event’s hashtag to connect with others.

On Twitter, follow people who interest you and reply when you have something to contribute. When you connect with someone on LinkedIn, suggest an in-person meeting. On Facebook, focus on sharing photos.

Show What You’ve Got

Visuals grab attention and convey information fast, so they’re an easy and effective tool for leveraging social media. Share photos of your completed and in-progress work, your offices, and your materials and equipment. At networking events, take time to snap a few pictures to post online. Tag the people and companies in your pictures and reply to anyone who tags you in theirs.

Include plenty of informal, behind-the-scenes shots. Share photos and videos of your team so potential clients can put faces to names. Your willingness to let people see the real you demonstrates an openness and authenticity that builds trust.

Have a Little Fun

A little playfulness sets you apart from the firms that hide behind cold corporate facades. It makes working with your firm seem truly enjoyable, encouraging people to connect with you even before they need you. Humor also holds our attention, making it easier to educate clients about your vision and your skills.

Share funny quotes your clients can relate to, post a picture of your sales manager dancing for joy over a new construction contract, or create a video of an employee’s cute son or daughter explaining the benefits of your firm’s specialty building materials.

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