bidding on a construction project

Leveling the Bidding Competition

Your skill at bidding on a construction project is a major factor in ensuring your firm’s success. There’s no need to overcomplicate the process, though. Sometimes a few minor improvements in your technique are all it takes to outmaneuver your competition.

bidding on a construction projectCover the Basics

It may seem obvious, but before you create your bid, thoroughly review the project requirements and make sure you can meet them. Avoid the temptation to take a scattershot approach by bidding on everything you can. Bidding on a construction project you’re not a good fit for only wastes your time and resources.

If the general contractor requires a prequalification form, you’ll need to submit one to even be considered. Show you’re serious about the work by filling out the prequal form with complete and accurate information, and include all requested supporting documentation.

Review the latest version of the project plans, along with the most recent addenda. Skip this step and you could end up submitting a proposal that fails to address a critical point. When you create your proposal, state what plans you based it on and note the approval dates of any addenda.

Put in a Little Extra Effort

Submit your bid to all the GCs involved, not just the one you usually work with. By limiting yourself to one, you’ll lose out if your favorite GC doesn’t win.

Sitting around waiting to hear back on a bid is not only frustrating, it’s often counterproductive. Instead of waiting, check up on your bid in a friendly, professional manner. GCs have a lot going on, so your check-ins keep you on the radar and help you stand out from your competition.

When you’re offered work, take the time to protect your own interests by thoroughly reading every contract involved before you sign it. Signing off on something you assume is a routine formality could lead you into some expensive, time-consuming trouble if the contract contains unexpected requirements you weren’t prepared to meet.

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