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Managing Negative Comments and Reviews on the Web

The importance of the online environment for lead generation in the construction business has been proven time and again. While the benefits of the Web cannot be denied, negative comments and reviews can harm your business if left unchecked. Here are some practical ways to manage negativity that has been directed at your company.

  • lead generation in the construction businessStay calm: In the face of negative comments or reviews, it is vitally important to stay calm and avoid hasty, angry responses. An inappropriate response can make things much worse and can bring more negative attention to you, even if your reaction is justified. Take time to calm down and approach negative comments or reviews rationally. They may still be frustrating, but approaching them with a clear head will make it much easier to put together an appropriate response.
  • Consider the source: Assess whether the negative comment or review is genuine and whether the person who posted it has a legitimate reason to complain. An authentic complaint should be given the respect and attention it deserves. However, if the complaint seems to be the work of an Internet prankster or someone with an agenda who is trying to harm your business or get a reaction out of you, the complaint can be dismissed, deleted, or ignored.
  • Listen to the comments: If the complaint or review is valid, pay careful attention to the reasons why the complaint was made. You’ll be able to learn where something in your organization went wrong and will be better able to formulate a mutually beneficial response.
  • Respond positively: Respond politely, positively, and with genuine sincerity when someone posts a legitimate complaint or negative review about your company. Contact the person making the complaint to see what can be done to make amends. Responding positively to these types of events will improve your company’s reputation for outstanding customer service.

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