vision statements for construction companies

How Vision Statements for Construction Companies Boost Success

When individuals decide to start a company in the construction industry, it’s usually for some specific reason. It could be because someone believes they can do a particular type of work better or want the independence that being a business owner brings. However useful these reasons are, companies can help improve their chances of success by developing and following a vision statement. Here is a brief introduction to developing vision statements for construction companies.

  • vision statements for construction companiesDefine your real reason for being in business: You’re in business to make money, no doubt. But there are many ways of making a living that don’t involve working in the construction industry. What, specifically, draws you to work in construction? You have to go beyond superficial reasons such as “I like it” or “it pays well” to find a reason that resonates with you. Maybe at heart, your reason was to “construct buildings that are safe, aesthetically pleasing, and that serve the needs of the public.” This can form the basis of an effective vision statement.
  • Test several possible statements: An important tool such as a vision statement will likely take significant amounts of thought. Write several different statements that could be accurate for you and be willing to change and adapt your statements as you work your way toward the one that best defines your business philosophy and goals. Let your management team and employees help you define the content of the statement.
  • Live your statement: Once you have established your business statement, use it to guide your business relationships, activities, and decisions. If you have a well-defined vision statement on hand when developing new business, you’ll be able to tell relatively easily if potential projects fit with your vision. Take on projects that accurately reflect your company vision and business philosophy.

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