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Weathering the Winter on Construction Sites

A hardy construction crew may be used to working outdoors in less-than-ideal conditions, but there will almost always be a period of time during which the weather makes it impossible to keep moving forward on a project. Whether it’s snow and ice, extremely cold temperatures, heavy rains, or other weather phenomena, winter weather impacting construction projects is inevitable. Here are a few ways you can prepare to ensure the least impact on your schedules.

  • winter weather impacting constructionPlan for adverse weather: You know adverse winter weather is coming sooner or later, so include planning for winter in projects that will be underway during the colder months. Build a reasonable number of off-days into your schedule to accommodate temporary shutdowns because of weather.
  • Understand local climate trends: Research the local climate to get an idea of how severe the weather can get and how it can affect your projects. This is especially beneficial if you are working in a geographical zone outside of your home area. Find out as much as you can about expected low temperatures, average snowfall, the likelihood of ice storms, and other relevant data. Keep in mind that even the most accurate long-term records can be contradicted by unexpectedly severe weather.
  • Be willing to work on the weekend: If your project is delayed by winter weather during the week, a reasonable accommodation is to work on the weekend to make up for lost time. Make sure this procedure doesn’t violate any union rules or other agreements. Be aware, also, that employees may have already made weekend plans that could interfere.
  • Shift to indoor projects: If the weather makes it impossible to work outside, shift your attention to indoor projects until outdoor conditions improve. Keeping a few indoor projects available for this type of situation is a good idea during the winter.

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