choosing project management software for your construction company

Choosing the Right Construction Project Management Software

The right construction project management software can reduce errors and delays, cut costs, and improve safety. Not all software packages suit all companies, though. Understanding your needs makes choosing project management software for your construction company a lot easier.

choosing project management software for your construction companyConsider Your Size

First, consider the type of projects your company usually undertakes. Project management software programs that work just fine for small jobs such as renovating homes aren’t necessarily well suited for larger projects such as constructing an office building and hospitals.

Also, consider how many people will use the software at once. Some programs allow a limited number of user profiles. In addition, look for software that’s scalable so that it can accommodate your company’s growth.

Get the Essentials Covered

Most companies will want a cloud-based solution with strong mobile performance that allows workers on the job site to communicate seamlessly in real time with project managers in the office.

For optimal efficiency, look for software that allows integration, which links your project management software with your other systems, such as your BMI, accounting, and email software. Not all solutions offer true integration, but rather rely on data bridges, which only make more work for your IT team. If you can’t use all the software’s features without more help from your IT staff, look for another option.

Know Which Features You Need

The final step in choosing project management software for your construction company is prioritizing the features that are important to you. The primary reason to choose software designed specifically for the construction industry is that it offers features most project management software doesn’t. Among the features to look for are:

  • Communication
  • Document management
  • Scheduling
  • Cost estimation
  • Proposal and bid management
  • Team management
  • Materials and equipment tracking
  • Incident reporting

Beyond these, look for capabilities you and your team would find especially useful. You might want software that can automatically create your schedule based on your estimate or that can track your employee’s training compliance.

For more guidance on choosing project management software for your construction company, contact Construction Monitor today.


8 thoughts on “Choosing the Right Construction Project Management Software”

  1. Yeah Right! Totally agree to your point. Software’s play a great role in construction activities. Companies should choose it wisely. Thanks for the awareness 🙂

  2. Great article. Good work done by you, keep doing it. Well choosing the right construction management software is a daunting task as market is totally flooded with many software. An organisation before choosing the software should have to analyse the need they are searching for. Implementing software without any search can a lead a big loss to the organisation.
    In today’s scenario of digitisation people are more aware about online management than managing manually thus the success behind the most successful organisation is knowledge of software.

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