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4 Best Construction Apps for iPad

The abundance of construction apps out there means there’s almost certainly one that will benefit you, but it can take time to find the one that works best for you. To make the search easier, start with the apps that already have a solid fan base.

construction appsFieldwire

Fieldwire is designed to let everyone involved in your project share floor plans, photos, and other files straight from the job site. The task management feature lets you organize tasks around plans and trades to optimize efficiency. Inspections are made easier with the issue tracking and inspection checklists. With the universal project search feature, you can find any information you need almost instantly.

Construction Manager

Enabling consistent and accurate data sharing is what this app does best. It lets you track all critical processes throughout the day and provides you with a complete record of what was accomplished. The Work Estimate Form helps you accurately estimate job completion dates. The Daily Log Construction Form lets all users report their activities so your logs are always up-to-date. If any problems arise, the Maintenance Log makes it easy to report them.

Mobile Field Manager (Viewpoint for Mobile)

One of the newest construction apps from Viewpoint Construction Software, Mobile Field Manager connects to your Viewpoint Construction Software allowing your office staff to communicate with field workers. The app was designed as a convenient, efficient way to replace your paper documentation. With the new Grid Time Entry, you can track time and productivity on a spreadsheet-like grid that shows both workers and equipment.


PlanGrid gives everyone on your team a way to communicate effortlessly in real time. This helps you resolve issues faster and prevents errors and delays. The app is designed to be simple and intuitive so you can focus more on your work. For greater efficiency, PlanGrid automatically inserts hyperlinks into your plans so you never have to hunt for further details. The sheet compare feature lets you layer one sheet over another to spot differences.

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