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Tips for Getting More Construction Leads Offline

Although online marketing is growing in importance, offline marketing is still a highly effective approach to lead generation in the construction business. That said, some offline methods draw in construction leads better than others.

lead generation in the construction businessWord of Mouth

While many construction firms cite word of mouth as their richest source of leads, few do anything to encourage word to spread. Instead of relying on your clients’ memory, directly ask clients for referrals.

When the job is done, give the client a form in which they can list the name and contact information of anyone they know who might need your services. Consider offering a cash referral fee or other reward, such as a gift card, for each lead that turns into a sale.

Direct Mail

Done correctly, mailing out postcards, fliers and other advertising material has strong potential for lead generation in the construction business. Start with a targeted mailing list of potential clients, such as property developers, affluent homeowners or new building permit holders. You can buy these from mailing database providers.

Then, if you plan to write the material yourself, invest some time in learning the best direct mail practices for construction contractors. That includes learning to make a solid offer, such as a complimentary consultation or an upgrade with purchase.

Cold Calling

Cold calling means phoning someone you’ve had no prior contact with to discuss your services. While it takes some stamina, cold calling has the potential to bring in construction leads relatively quickly. For better results, use a targeted calling list of people and businesses in your market.

Magazine Ads

They may be old school, but well-designed ads in the right publications are still effective for pulling in leads. To choose where to advertise, look through the variety of construction trade journals out there to find those you feel your potential clients are most likely to read. If you provide home remodeling and other consumer services, ads in consumer magazines are also worth considering.

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