onboarding tips for construction firms

Decreasing Turnover: Onboarding Tips for Construction Firms

Employee turnover can be especially troublesome in construction and the skilled trades. With profit margins running thin, the loss of resources represented by an employee who quits abruptly can be significant. Losing talented, skilled employees can also put a construction firm in a difficult situation, both financially and in terms of the time it takes to find and hire a replacement. The following onboarding tips for construction firms can give you some ways to establish a solid relationship with new employees that will increase the likelihood of them staying with your company.

onboarding tips for construction firmsEstablish a Connection

Take the extra steps to create a connection between your company and new hires. Have the company owner spend some time explaining the goals that are expected of new employees. Provide an introduction to all managers in the new employee’s chain of command. Introduce new employees to coworkers and the people they’ll be interacting with every day. Schedule a lunch meeting to let the new employee interact with managers or other employees in an informal setting.

Provide All Necessary Information

Give new hires all the information and resources they need to succeed in your company. Produce and distribute an employee manual or handbook that contains policies and procedures, contact information, and other important data. Thoroughly explain the company’s mission and what is expected of new employees.

Create Useful Relationships

Assign one or more employees to serve as the new hires’ point of contact. Coming into a new company knowing nobody can be intimidating, but if new hires have a coworker they can rely on when they have questions, the onboarding process will be much smoother and efficient.

Stay Consistent

Apply onboarding processes consistently among new employees. Don’t leave any new hires feeling left out. A feeling of “nobody did that for me” can create feelings of confusion or resentment that undermine employee loyalty.

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