Using BIM for a Safe Construction Site

shutterstock_426500653BIM software can do more than help you design your project and manage your budget. Using BIM for a safe construction site helps you spot potential hazards so you can either eliminate them or plan ahead to reduce the risks.

Clear Visualization

Sometimes a design document just can’t clearly represent what a situation looks like on the ground. BIM software provides an easy-to-understand 3D visual representation of the job site that allows your entire team to familiarize themselves with the conditions there before they go in. This helps your team identify potential dangers so those dangers can be removed or minimized before work begins.

Instead of relying on documents or verbal explanations, workers can take a virtual tour of the site to explore the environment so they’ll be informed and mentally prepared when they arrive.

More Accurate Scheduling

A construction job is a continually developing project with numerous steps that must be carefully choreographed to avoid scheduling conflicts that could put worker safety at risk. With BIM software, you’ll be able to plan your project using 4D scheduling and sequencing. This reduces human error in scheduling and gives everyone involved a clear picture of what work is being done where and when at every phase of the project.

Comprehensive Preparation

While it’s impossible to remove all risk from a construction site, unavoidable risks can be reduced through preparation. This kind of preparation is a major part of using BIM for a safe construction site. BIM lets you focus in on specific tasks in order to assess the risks and decide which tools, machinery and safety equipment will be needed.

Workers will have time to get what they need to work safely and efficiently, rather than compromising their safety by making do with whatever is available.

In addition, the automated systems included in BIM software will help guide you in implementing safety measures by suggesting optimal locations for railings, barriers and other safety structures.

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