4 Ways to Decrease Your Accident Rate

shutterstock_358991912While providing quality equipment and training goes a long way toward assuring safety for construction workers, that’s not all that’s involved in achieving a low accident rate. The way in which¬†your workers interact with each other also plays a role.

Thorough Training

Every worker, regardless of prior training or experience, should receive training in safety practices before they begin work. Even experienced workers benefit from regular refresher courses.

Create training courses by taking advantages of the numerous training videos and pamphlets provided by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and related organizations. Keep up on advancements in safety practices and equipment, and update your training as necessary.

Greater awareness also improves safety for construction workers. Before you send workers to a job site, inform them of the risks present at that particular site.

Proper Equipment

Using the wrong equipment can prove fatal. Provide your workers with safety equipment, tools¬†and machinery that are ideally suited to the specific job they’re performing. Keep your tools and machinery well maintained to prevent accidents caused by sudden malfunctions. Consider your workers’ needs beyond equipment. In hot weather, provide plenty of water and shady rest areas to reduce the risk of heat exhaustion.

Open Communication

Surprises and misinformation are common causes of accidents, but good communication can prevent these situations. Before the workday starts, inform your workers of the overall plan for the day. Help workers communicate quickly and easily throughout the day by equipping them with handheld radios, headset radios or similar devices.

Rigorous Supervision

Every individual worker is focused on the task at hand while on the job, so it’s easy for them to lose track of what’s going on elsewhere. When a worker is tired or feeling rushed, they can be tempted to skip safety precautions. That’s why you need a skilled and vigilant supervisor who’s capable of keeping tabs on all employees at all times. Choose a supervisor who’s willing and able to strictly enforce safety regulations.

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